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We distribute over 80 newspaper titles and more than 2000 magazine titles across Greece.

Newspapers: The newspapers come from all over the world and represent the majority of nationalities such as English, French, German, Italian, Swiss, Austrian, Dutch, Belgian, Russian, Turkish, Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish , Serbian, Spanish.

Magazines: Our titles also represent the largest publishing houses in the world and are available in all of the above languages. The range of these publications covers every preference: women's, men's, sports, decoration, construction, hobbies, news, finance, art, lifestyle, motoring, computers, culinary, gardening etc.

Books: We have a very wide range of the latest editions in many languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Russian.

Maps: We distribute maps covering all Greece, in all languages and bilingual, in a waterproof version with all the latest information regarding each region and at the most competitive prices.

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Guides: For every traveler that wants to know each area better.

Cooking: With recipes covering all tastes from traditional to vegetarian in many languages.

Children's interactive editions: In many languages with special accessories for stainless painting by our young friends, as well as educational content for Greek mythology.


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Digital printings

We provide high-quality digital printing services that many foreign publishers trust with their daily editions such as: LE MONDE, L'EQUIPE, BILD, SUEDDEUTSCHE, FRANKFURTER, DIE WELT, LA REPUBBLICA, THE EXPRESS, DAILY MAIL, THE MIRROR, THE SUN, THE TIMES, EL PAIS, THE FINANCIAL TIMES, USA TODAY etc.

Courier services in Greece and Cyprus

In cooperation with Kronos Express Greece we have a courier network throughout Greece
and Cyprus at competitive prices.

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